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Planned Giving

The ACA News Team
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Wed, 01/02/2019

Air Commandos Helping Air Commandos and Families

Occasionally Air Commandos--veterans and active--and their families have pressing needs that cannot be met by the VA, DoD, Air Force, USSOCOM, AFSOC or large institutional charities. The Air Commando Foundation (ACF), a 501 c (3) nonprofit was established in 2012 to fill that void.

To date, the ACF has stepped up to support well over 100 Airmen and their families by coordinating with or on their behalf with other benevolent organizations, congressional representatives, local and civic leaders, and other avenues of support. In additional to this support, the ACF has given over $250,000 supporting our past and present teammates. Most requests for aid require cash NOW amid extreme stress and emotion. The ACF normally validates and approves funding requests within hours of receipt. Since 2012, the ACF has accumulated investments/cash of roughly $220,000 to earn income and sustain our program through lean times.

Examples of ACF assistance:
-Assisted a twice denied surviving child with VA benefits after coordinating with Florida and California congressmen
- Senior Airman committed suicide leaving behind a young pregnant wife-- ACF donated $2,000 to widow to assist with immediate needs
-Technical Sergeant’s 21-year old son passed away--father had to pay all funeral expenses out of pocket--ACF donated $1,000 to offset a portion of expenses
-Tragic loss of an aircraft left two widows--ACF donated $2,000 to each to cover immediate expenses and also covered $1,000 for Memorial reception so squadron would not have to pass a hat while grieving
-Young Hurlburt airman with acute liver failure transferred to New Orleans for treatment. Wife could not afford hotel and food expenses--ACF donated $500 for food and covered $1,100 hotel costs
-Tragic triple homicide/suicide. Mother and two children’s parents/grandparents lived across the country and could not afford transportation home/funerals--SGLI left to father/shooter’s parents--ACF covered $15,000.

The ACF needs your help to continue assisting Air Commandos and families. So far limited resources have forced the ACF into a reactive vs. proactive program. We believe there are many needs, especially for young Airmen, where additional dollars could alleviate stress and allow these Air Commandos to clearly focus on taking care of their family and the mission. The ACF Board of Directors has set initial goals of growing support funding availability to $100K/year and investments/net assets to $1M by 2025. This will require more funding than routine donations and classic fundraisers will provide. The ACF is a ZERO overhead nonprofit. The Air Commando Association shares its facility and staff and funds all ACF overhead costs.

Planned Giving is a gift, made in a lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. It is very common among nonprofits and is essential to meeting ACF goals by 2025. Bequests and estate plan gifts are the most common Planned Gifts. You make a bequest or gift through your estate by including a provision in your will or trust for all, or a portion of your estate, to go to a specific nonprofit. There are many types of Planned Gifts. You may wish to discuss--with your financial advisor--these options to continue helping Air Commandos and their families beyond your life.

A relatively new Planned Giving opportunity is IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs). This is a great opportunity, in your lifetime, to make direct donations up to $100,000 per year, to a 501 c (3) charity (e.g. Air Commando Foundation) from your traditional IRAs and avoid paying Federal Income Taxes on the portion of the withdrawals sent to the charity. This is especially important to taxpayers who are over 70 ½ and must take Required Minimum Distributions from their IRAs. Those distributions are normally stacked on top of all other income and taxed at your highest marginal tax rate. To use this great QCD financial planning option, you must meet the following criteria:

-Your age must be at least 70 ½
-$$ must flow directly from your IRA Administrator the 501 c (3)
-You must receive a confirmation letter from the charity. The letter must include the statement that no goods or services were received in exchange for the gift.

IRA QCDs to your charity are not tax deductible—the value of QCDs is tax avoidance for the QCD amount. That is not a consideration if you will be using the new (2018) Standard Deduction which is $26,600 for married couples. The QCD is a “game changer” for Air Commandos who are over 70 ½, must take IRA Minimum Required Distributions and will claim the Standard Deduction for Federal Income Taxes. It is also a tremendous opportunity to maximize dollars available to help Air Commandos and families.

Please discuss any financial or estate planning consideration with your financial advisor, CPA or attorney. The ACF is standing by to help you help Air Commandos and families.

Tax Identification Number: 59-3270780
Phone: (850) 581-0099
e-mail address: info@aircommando.org

Air Commando Foundation
P.O. Box 7
Mary Esther, FL 32569-0007
(Post Office Box used for Security)


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