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Instructor, Intercultural Competency for SOF (ICSOF)

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Mon, 03/13/2017

Position Title: Instructor, Intercultural Competency for SOF (ICSOF)

Date Posted: 10 Mar 2017

Location: This position is located at the USAF Special Operations School on Hurlburt Field near Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Work is performed in a typical office setting.

Required Skill(s):  Secret Clearance. Instructors will present a culture-general course for SOF Operators who will be engaging in direct, face-to-face interactions with international personnel as part of their duties. The course seeks to provide students with general knowledge and skills to quickly and accurately comprehend, then appropriately and effectively act, in a culturally complex environment to achieve the desired effect without necessarily having prior exposure to a particular group, region or its languages. Students will be taught how to apply communication and negotiation skills in role-playing scenarios, and will be exposed to a variety of hands-on exercises that will challenge their own cultural norms. Additionally, the course will address topics in comparative religions, military culture, gender dynamics, food and health concerns in an intercultural setting, and culture shock. The instructor shall have experience developing curricula and teaching materials.

Citizenship Requirement: U.S.

Years of Experience: 2 years of experience teaching cross-cultural/intercultural studies to post-secondary learners

 ICSOF instructors shall have at least a master’s degree with at least 18 under-graduate semester credit hours and 18 graduate semester hours directly related to cultural studies, international relations, anthropology, sociology, or other related academic discipline. The ICSOF course is a Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) accredited course and its instructors must be CCAF accredited. Therefore, ICSOF instructors must provide official college transcripts upon employment for CCAF accreditation.

POC: JD Rudman

Email: jonathan.rudman@macb.com

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