Air Commando Association

The Air Commando Association's mission is to serve Air Commandos and families past, present, and future by educating all on the Air Commando and Joint SOF mission and people; advocating to fill the unmet needs of Air Commandos and families; and honoring our Air Commando heritage.
The Air Commando Association is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit veterans organization whose core mission is preserving our great heritage of Air Commandos' achievements past, present, and future and to honor the tremendous contributions made to protect the values held dear by all Americans.

Air Commando Foundation

Air Commando Foundation

Every dollar you give, gives back.
The Air Commando Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide critically needed support and financial assistance to Air Commandos and their families in time of unmet needs.



Air Commando Journal

The professional publication of the Air Commando Association, delivered free of charge to nearly 6,000 recipients including our members, all Air Force Special Operations Command organizations and units, Congressional representatives and staffers, HQs US Air Force, HQs US Special Operations Command, and others.
“Given the examples of courageous leadership, gritty determination, bold innovation, unparalleled competence, and quiet professionalism, the heritage of air commandos has long deserved a dedicated publication to chronicle the many substantial contributions of special operations Airmen.”
--NORTON A. SCHWARTZ, Gen (Ret), USAF Chief of Staff, Foreword Fall 2011 - Air Commando Journal
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Supporting Air Commandos

M Being a member of the Air Commando Association enables us to continue our mission of supporting Special Operators. Membership is open to all those who served special operations and associate membership is available for family members, non-military serving, and community members. Click here to join!
D Donating to the Air Commando Association ensures our organization has the financial support to carry on our mission. The ACA works hard throughout the year educating and advocating for our Quiet Professionals, publishing the Air Commando Journal, hosting events to raise awareness, and most importantly the ACA  pays all expenses of the Air Commando Foundation (ACF). Please consider donating now.
P Partnering with the Air Commando Association enhances your relationship with America's quiet professional. Your company directly impacts the Special Operations community with financial assistance for programs and services for today's Air Commandos. From annual conventions to educational symposiums, awards programs and public awareness, your partnership expands our capabilities. Call us today at 850-581-0099.
V Volunteering is crucial to our organization. Chapters need you to step up and take on a leadership role, work with other Air Commandos in your local area to make a difference. Fill out this form and tell us how you can support Special Operations.