Officers & Directors

The Air Commando Association (ACA) is governed by a Chairman of the Board and Board of Directors. Board members include the President, Vice President, Treasurer and 7 Directors. The Board serves as the principle governing body of the ACA and monitors the progress of ACA's plans for the future. ACA elected Committees and Task Forces work to support ACA's goals and objectives. Volunteering for any of these groups is a great way to actively participate and give back to Air Commandos. Any Time, Any Place!

Constitution & By-Laws

The ACA By-Laws serve as the association's constitution. These By-Laws have remained fundamentally unchanged since they were ratified and establish the major structural units of the ACA. The By-Laws can be amended by vote of the general membership at the annual business meeting held every October in conjunction with the organizations' annual convention/reunion.

ACA Bylaws and Constitution

Tax Status

The Air Commando Association is an IRS Code 501(c)19 organization. IRS Letter, 12 August 1983