Announcing 2nd Edition of Growing and Building

We are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Growing And Building, Faith, Prayer, And Leadership is now available. The book demonstrates lessons in leadership found­ed upon faith and prayer that is centered around biblical stories and General Fister's personal experiences derived from his time leading Officers’ Christian Fellowship’s Growing and Building Campaign. Included are a few stories of interest from his military career. While the book is about a campaign to raise funds and grow the ministry, the lessons are examples that could be applied in any number of leadership situations. All the lessons in this book — leadership, prayer, and especially faith, should be helpful to a leader of any organization, whether a church, community, business, or military. This is a story of servant leadership lessons you’ll want to read.

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Growing and Building Faith, Prayer, and Leadership, 2nd Edition by Bruce L. Fister, Lieutenant General, USAF, Retired with Ray Blunt and Brigadier General Gwyn Armfield, USAF, Retired available in paperback and E-Book on Amazon

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