Early actions in OIF by 16 SOG and 7 SOS

RE: Air Commando Journal Vol 9, Issue 2

Congratulations on another great edition of the ACJ. I would like to comment on two articles related to early actions in OIF by the 16th SOG and the 7th SOS. As good as the two articles were, they did not cover a lot of the geopolitical issues that the crews had to deal with in executing the missions and other background information that would have added additional substance to great articles. The bottom line is the crews completed two very complex missions under extreme circumstances, and fulfilled one of the SOF truths: “People are more important than hardware,” as well as a supporting thought, you train for your toughest mission and attain standards to safely execute with as much impact as possible. These crews and these people, whether flying, maintaining, or supporting, were truly special and it was my honor to have served with them. Thanks for keeping ACA running, as well as moving forward for the next Air Commando generation.

OG Mannon, Maj Gen, USAF (Retired)
ACA Life Member #3949

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