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The Air Commando Association sponsors numerous award programs each year to recognize air commando’s outstanding service and achievements.

Felix “Sam” Sambogna Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Felix SambognaLt Col (Ret) Felix "Sam" Sambogna has been a mainstay of the leadership in the ACA for many years. Sam never forgot the past as he embraced the changes needed for the ACA to move into the future. The ACA is extremely lucky for Sam's guidance and experience as we continue to explore ways in which we can fulfill our mission to support Air Commandos, past, present, and future! Congratulations Sam!

  • Lt Col Felix Sambogna was an attack pilot with a reputation as a skilled and experienced combat operator
  • Completed two tours of duty in SEA: flying AT-28 aircraft (logging 130 sorties at night along the Ho Chi Minh Trail) and A-37B aircraft (including duty as a Special Operations Force Liaison Officer flying as an observer in almost all SOF aircraft)
  • Led the ACA in many capacities including President from 2004-2008 (including time serving as treasurer while executing President’s duties)
  • Advised subsequent ACA leaders on developing the Association’s hallmark as a service organization
  • Still serves as the Treasurer and book-keeper for the charitable McCroskie Threshold Foundation, an ACA partner organization known for providing humanitarian supplies to indigenous people in SEA and South America

The distinctive accomplishments of Lt Col Sam Sambogna across five decades of service to Air Commandos and families reflect great credit upon himself and the Air Commando Association

Dee Roberson Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dee Roberson

The Air Commando Association is pleased to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs Dee Roberson. Dee was instrumental in the formation of the ACA with then Col Harry C. "Heinie" Aderholt. Dee continued to be a valued asset to the ACA for decades to come. Congratulations Dee!

As Secretary for the 1st Air Commando Wing Commander Dee was the:

  • CC’s trusted advisor, knew the administrative and operational details…wielded significant influence helping a disparate Wing to continue functioning with detachments in SEA, Panama, and Iraq
  • CC’s confidant, early combat operations in SEA were shielded from public view, the 1 ACW was the only direct combat unit at that time, the Wing experienced significant losses…during this difficult time Dee earned a reputation for being the “troops best friend” in the Wing HQs
  • Dee directly assisted then Col Heinie Aderholt during formation of the ACA…personally helped establish a…
  • Board of Directors
  • Newsletter, bank account, membership cards, mailbox
  • Reunion agenda
  • And faithfully served ACA members and families in many capacities over the last 50 years

The distinctive accomplishments of Ms. Dee Roberson across five decades of service to Air Commandos and families reflect great credit upon herself and the Air Commando Association.

Squadron of the Year 2018

squadron_year_2018Air Force Special Operations Command Squadron of the Year 2018: 320th Special Tactics Squadron of the Year 2018, Kadena AB, Japan

2019 SrA Julian S. Scholten ISR Commando Award

ISR_Operator_Year_2019Senior Airman Julian S. Scholten ISR Operator of the Year Award: SSgt Trevor S. Allan 353 Special Operations Group.

(L-R) Lt Gen James C. "Jim" Slife, AFSOC Commander, Yumiko Southard (Mother of Julian Scholten), SSgt Trevor Allan, Lee Southard, CMSgt Cory Olson, AFSOC Command Chief.

2019 Air Commando Medic of the Year

combat_medic_2019The 2019 CMSgt Roland “Hap” Lutz Air Commando Medic of the Year Award recipient is TSgt Erik Waldrip of the 27th Special Operations Support Squadron at Cannon AFB, NM.

2019 DAGRE of the Year

Dagre_year_2019Security Forces Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element (DAGRE) of the Year Award (Individual): SrA Jacob D. Stone, 27 Special Operations Security Forces Squadron, Cannon AFB, NM