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2022 ACA Election Ballot

The Air Commando Association has the following positions open for the 2022 election. We ask our members to read all information on open positions and candidates prior to casting a vote(s).

Submit ballots (via the submit button on this form or US Postal Service) by 7 October 2022.

President position is open

• Dennis Barnett, Col, USAF (Ret)

I want to serve because I believe strongly in the mission and ethos of the Air Commando Association in serving Air Commandos and their families.

Col Barnett is currently serving as President of the ACA and wishes to run for the open President's position.
Col (Ret) Dennis L. Barnett completed his thirty years of service as Director of Staff HQ Air Force Special Operations Command. Colonel Barnett was commissioned through the Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Wyoming and attained a Master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma. During his career he was Wing Vice-Commander of the 16 Special Operations Wing, Deputy Commander of 352 Special Operations Group, Commander 17th Special Operations Squadron, a command pilot, instructor pilot, evaluator pilot and flying training officer. He was also an exchange pilot with the Royal Air Force in number 47 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, UK. He deployed during Desert Storm and served numerous tours as Joint Special Operations II Commander leading efforts in Bosnia and the Balkans. He served on two major command staffs and was an instructor at the Air Command and Staff College and the School of Information Warfare and Strategy of the National Defense University. He finished his career with over 4800 hours in a variety of aircraft.

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Vice President position is open

• Joseph Mast, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)

I have spent many years in the Special Operations Community both on active duty and as a supporting contractor. It would be an honor and privilege to serve as the Vice President of the prestigious Air Commando Association. I look forward to meeting the challenges this organization will provide now and in the future as Vice President.

Joe Mast served in special operations under 23rd Air Force and Air Force Special Operations Command. While active duty, he served as a Sensors Maintenance Technician, NCOIC Maintenance Control, Deputy Commander for Maintenance (DCM) Acquisition and Logistics Manager, 20th Special Operation Squadron Specialist Branch Chief, 16th SOW Operations Superintendent, and 352nd SOG Group Command Chief Master Sergeant. He has a comprehensive understanding of the Air Commando mission, people, and families serving the command. He also has a thorough knowledge of the many successes, and unfortunately infrequent failures, Air Commandos’ have endured.

He served special ops personnel in the capacity as friend, supervisor, branch chief, Chief Master Sergeant, and Command Chief Master Sergeant. He deployed on numerous TDYs assignments both training and real-world deployments to include; Blinking Light rotations to Howard AFB Panama, Vice Presidential Gunship Demonstration Charleston AFB SC, reconstitution of the 353rd Special Operations Group MH-53’s after Mount Pinatubo volcano eruption, King Abdul Aziz Airbase, Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm/Shield, Partnership for Peace Exercise in Hungary, and numerous deployments to San Vito Air Base Italy to support Bosnia operations.

* Raised considerable amounts of monies to support many MAJCOM functions and non-profit organizations. (Order of the Sword, Air Force Enlisted Village, etc.).

* Chairman of the Board for the Air Force Enlisted Village (Emeritus).

* Former Vice President of the Hurlburt Field Chiefs Group (two occasions).

* Lifetime member of the Air Force Association, Air Commando Association, and Hurlburt Field Chiefs Group.

* Ready, qualified, and excited to serve as the next ACA Vice President.

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One (1) Board of Director position is open

The following candidates have volunteered to serve as Director for 3 years, if elected. Each of these outstanding Air Commandos have been vetted and were found to be eminently qualified to serve on your ACA Board of Directors.

• James R. "Randy" Anderson

I wish to serve in this capacity because I believe it is an obligation to pay it forward to the SOF community, past and present. To do that I feel one must remain engaged with senior leaders of USSOCOM, and the Joint Special Operations University. Since retiring in 2004, I have remained close to the SOF community as an industry Senior Program Manager and consultant. I have also engaged with SOF as an Advisory Board member of the Global SOF Foundation, Co-Hosted "SOF Stories Live" series, and attended SOF events as an ACA representative. As a founder and officer of the ACA Tampa Bay Chapter, I stood up the Joint SOF Enlisted Academy Plaque Program in 2014 to recognize the top graduates. Finally, I assisted in raising critical funding and corporate sponsorship to help our warriors and their families in need. I believe that continuing this kind of service to our Airmen is critical to sustaining our legacy as Air Commandos now and in the future.

Chief Master Seargent (ret) James R. Anderson (Randy) is a senior aerospace and defense leader with more than 30 years of special operations aviation experience. He has served as an Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) principal special operations enlisted aviation advisor, Chief Flight Engineer Functional Manager and Chief Enlisted Combat Aviation Advisor for Foreign Internal Defense. Chief Anderson has built teams, developed and implemented strategies to support and sustain the MH-53s in AFSOC. This included the management of over 1,100 enlisted aircrew in their assignments across the MH-53 fleet. Mr. Anderson is the owner and President of Steel Horse Consulting, LLC where his clients benefit immeasurably from his technical knowledge and expertise in aviation planning, operations management, aviation technical capabilities, and Air Force and USSOCOM acquisition.

Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Anderson served as Director of Operations of the Special Operations and Intelligence Advisory Group of Cubic Applications, Incorporated, as a US Air Force Special Operations Advisor. As the Director of Operations, he was responsible for assembling, managing, and directing the activities of program, field support, and engineering assets focused entirely on the US Special Operations, Intelligence Community and International Coalition Partners.

Previously, Mr. Anderson served as Command Chief Flight Engineer and Career Enlisted Aviator Functional Manager, Headquarters Air Force Special Operations Command. His outstanding professionalism and leadership were essential to the sustained readiness of Air Force Special Operations Command in peacetime and during the successful prosecution of military actions in Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM. As the command’s MH-53 Pave Low subject matter expert, he ensured the success of 10 major avionics upgrades, night fighting weapons and modifications for aircrew, and aircraft data system modifications. As the command’s career enlisted aviator functional manager, he played a critical role in the conversion and merger of fixed-wing and rotary-wing flight engineer career fields, influencing training, manning and employment of the combined career field.

Chief Anderson is a seasoned combat aviator and warrior. He has logged nearly 4000 hours primary flight time in CH/HH-3Es, CH-53A/Cs, TH/NCH-53As, HH-53B/Cs, MH-53J/Ms, and the UH-1N. He is also credited with over 100 combat/combat support sorties. The Chief has served with distinction as a decorated veteran of the Gulf War, the Balkan War in Yugoslavia, and the Global War on Terrorism. Since 1991, he has been directly involved in numerous combat operations as an MH-53 PAVE LOW Flight Engineer, to include the early missions of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and Operation ANACONDA, Afghanistan, 2002. He is married to the former Mary Kelly Lund of Henry, IL with three daughters Katherine Beth, Emily Reese, and Natalie Grace, one son James Ryan, and three grandchildren.

• Robert "Bob" Bieber, Capt, USAF/USAR (Ret)

I want to serve because I identify myself as a Christian, American, Air Commando/Special Operations Combat Controller (CCT) and consider it a duty and honor to be connected to the "Quiet Professionals"/ "Any time, Any place community - ACA. I've been a member of the ACA since the first year of its founding- ca 1967. I've attended as many of their events as possible since then. I've maintained an annual membership so I will continually financially support the Association and follow-on Foundation- doubling the annual dues payment. Am cutting back on my Black Hereford cattle ranching avocation of 15 years in Oklahoma and would now like to devote primary efforts to the stated Goals/Objectives and Programs of the Association/Foundation as found on the tri-fold hand-out pamphlets. Want to explore the possibility of information postings of military "current news", "base happenings", changes to institutional doctrine, standards, traditions and issues (wokeness) etc, etc to a section of our Journal. Have energy, experience, desire- Will travel!

In Bob's own words, "I was born 21 April 1942 in Ft. Benning, Ga. Earned a B.S. degree in Psychology/Sociology from St.Louis University in 1964. Was a member of Psi Chi National Honor Society Psychology. Varsity Swim Team 1,2,3,4. An ROTC program participant I was commissioned a 2/LT in USAF,entering active duty on 31 July 1964 assigned to the 1st Air Commando Wing at Hurlburt Fld, Fl. Pursued a career and duty as an Air Commando/Special Ops Combat Controller. Graduated from Airborne School, Ft. Benning, GA. in Jan 1966, Air Traffic Control School at Keesler, AFB in August 1966, HALO Parachutist/Jumpmaster School at Ft. Bragg, N.C. 1967, and Rescue and Survival Technician Course (PJ) at Shepard AFB, TX. 1969. Certified as Phase III Combat ready Combat Controller in Dec 1966. Remained on status thru Jan 1979. Active duty assignments see item #4 above. From 1966-68 was CCT Liaison to USAF Air Ground Operations School (AGOS) at Hurlburt Fld, Fl. Monitored the training of future "Butterfly" FACs for service in LAOs. In 1971-72 I was the OIC of the sole CCT in Vietnam. I deployed on 22 Combat Missions to include Lam Son 719 at Khe Sahn. Was separated from the service (Reduction in Force) as a Captain in Feb 1979. Break in service from March 1979 thru Sept 1985. Enlisted as SSG (E-6) in the U.S. Army Special Forces (Reserve) at Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO in Oct 1985. Assigned to A Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Special Forces Gp. (A/1/12thSFG(A) with duty as an Air Ops Specialist and Ops Intell NCO with duty at the ODA, CO and Bn level. Coincided with Dept of Army (DA) Civil Service (GS-12) employment as Military Analyst for Combat Developments - Special Ops Aviation and Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. 1985-99. The two Reserve Special Forces Groups (11th &12th were disbanded during the Clinton administration in Sept 1994. I attended and was an Honor Graduate from the Army's Military Intelligence Course (MOS 96B) at Ft. McCoy, WISC in1994. Entered the war on drugs as an Intelligence Analyst for Joint Task Force-Six(JTF-6) headquartered in El Paso, TX. Extended active duty counterdrug tours of duty with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Phoenix, AZ, 1995; The Joint (FBI/DEA) Drug Intelligence Group, Albquerque, NM, 1996; and the Joint Inter Agency Task Force-East (JIATF-E), NAS Key West, FL., 1997-98. In April 1998 I secured a position as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) in USSOCOM's Strategy and Policy Division (SOOP-PGD) in the counterdrug (CD) cell at MacDil AFB, Fl. On drill weekends I was attached to the 308th PSYOPS Company where I performed duty as leader of a four man Loud Speaker Team. I continued my support of the counterdrug effort with extended TDY tours with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Squad 19, McAllen, TX, McAllen, TX,1999-00;USSOUTHCOM-JIC(Colombia desk, Miami, Fl, 2000; and USTRANSCOMM-JIC (SOUTHCOM AOR) Scott AFB, IL, 2001. Served in a counter-intelligence capacity while attached to the Department of Defense's Joint Exercise Deployment Detachment (JEDD). I participated in DOD agency urban high operational tempo exercises teaching force protection skills. Following the 11 Sep 01 attack on America I was mobilized to active duty at MacDill AFB as part of Operation Noble Eagle in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Duty assignment in the upstart Special Operations Joint Interagency Collaberation Center (SOJICC) under USSOCOM's Spec.Ops Information Ops Div.(SOIO). Retired as CPT (USA) in April 2002. I'm ready to serve ACA."

• Dave Clark, AF Veteran

United States Air Force 1967 – 1975

I want to serve because I love the ACA and everyone I have met. The ACA is a great organization and would like to be part of its growth in the future. My many life experiences that I bring with me can help with my decision process and help promote ACA growth.

United States Air Force 1967 - 1975 C - MC-130E/C141 Loadmaster
Received 3 Air Medals and 1 Distinguished Flying Cross

1979 Mr Clark Graduated College and became a Registered Nurse eventually specialized in Emergency/trauma care, he retired after 31 years. He then began a small woodworking business making many different items and custom work.

Dave is a Life member of the VFW post 4278, a life member of Air Commando Association, a life member of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society. He volunteered with a local hosital, and helped with local veterans, among other things to help with his local community.

In his own words, "I'm not looking pad my resume, (do not need one anymore) I just want to be part of and help the growth of a great organization. I'm hard working and can take on projects as needed.
In 2008 my wife and I met several Navajo Code Talkers at a book signing. We were so impressed that we put together a presentation about them and having been giving these presentations to many different groups. The Code Talkers like many WW II veterans are passing quickly. We do not want them forgotten.
On my 70th birthday I went wing walking, I'm older but still very active. I have lived in Washington State for the last 20 years.
A vote for me would be good but you will and several good choices."

• Richard Comer, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)

Maj Comer is currently serving on the ACA Board of Directors and wishes to run for the open Board position of the Air Commando Association.

The following is in his own words, "I believe, my reasons for being qualified:

1. I have 10+ years total in several assignments at Hurlburt Field with Commander positions at Squadron(1990-1992) Group(1996-1997), and Wing (1997-1998). I was also was AFSOC Vice-Commander (2000-2002). Additionally, I was twice in the JSOC Staff for 4+ total years, and I was a year in ASD/SOLIC.

2. I was at the Commando Hangar when AFSOC stood up as a MAJCOM in May 1990. I flew the first combat mission flown by AFSOC provided forces in January 1991, beginning the first Gulf War. I know the history and lived a fair portion of it.

3. I know the Air Commando missions well, having been deployed as one of them many times. I’ve also done casualty notifications and have seen the devastation of loss among airmen’s families.

4. I know the community and have seen its generosity. I would like very much to participate in the ACA’s mission in helping provide a vehicle for and focusing function of that generosity.

5. I’m now fully retired but for volunteer work on a couple of other non-profits in Okaloosa and Walton Counties.

Please consider me for your Board.

Richard Comer

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