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ACA Life Member Edward 'Jeff' Vest, former AC-130H Gunship Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) is serving as Maritime Watch Officer/Lead Watch Officer, Peterson AFB, CO under NORAD - USNORTHCOM Command Center (N2C2).  He reports some of the activities they’ve been involved in, both in the Homeland Defense Mission and COVID-19 response.

- Crews have been sequestered/isolated to ensure the ability to maintain the watch and continue with the Homeland Defense Mission.
- Several N2C2 cells have stood up for 24/7 operations in response to COVID-19 and in preparation for Hurricane Season.
- Over 70 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Mission Assignments and Requests for Assistance have been processed.
- Military medical personnel have been deployed to states of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania treating COVID-19 patients
- U.S. Navy Ship (USNS) Mercy and USNS Comfort have been deployed to Los Angeles and New York City to treat non-COVID-19 patients.
- Base Support Installations, Installation Support Bases and Installation Support Facilities have been established to assist FEMA and HHS at JBLM, Beale AFB, NAS JRB Fort Worth, NAS JRB New Orleans, JBMDL, Homestead ARB, Fort Devens, Fort Hamilton, Selfridge ANGB, NAS Jacksonville, Fort McCoy, Kirtland AFB, Robins AFB, Travis AFB, Dover AFB, NB Ventura, and Parks Roaring Fork Transportation Authority, CO.
Obviously, these are just a few of the actions being taken by NORAD/USNORTHCOM.

--Submitted by ACA Life Member Edward 'Jeff' Vest


The Tampa Chapter alerted us of the work former Air Commando “Doc” Bob Kadlec has been doing.  Doc, who works in the Washington DC Chapter area, serves as Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response for Health and Human Services (HHS).  He’s also the principle incident manager for HHS and co-incident manager for FEMA.  Doc Kadlec previously served as the 24th Special Tactics Squadron Flight Surgeon and became a military expert in biological/chemical related issues during and after Operation Desert Shield/Storm. CLICK HERE to view his press conference. 


DC ACA Chapter was informed a few weeks ago that due to the Covid 19 restrictions, no ceremonies were allowed in the cemetery. After some thinking, I asked Chapter President Doc Livingston if I could take a shot at seeing if something could be done without us and he gave me the green light. Initially, I contacted the Events Coordinator for Arlington National Cemetery and he said he was unable to support us and I asked him to reach out to the Old Guard and he said they could not support. I contacted the Old Guard via their website and requested any kind of support, a soldier saluting, Taps playing, anything and for three days they tried to work it and said they could not support due to the current posture but said if we wanted to do it at another time, they may be able to support. Finally, I contacted a local florist that placed the wreath you see pictured here.
Never Forget.

--Submitted by ACA Life Member Edward 'Otto' Pernotto
Arlington, VA


Our granddaughter, Lt Col Christine Lukasik, is the Ops Officer at Buckley AB in Denver, CO. She sent me and her mother, Charlene, a message that the commander issued an order that personnel would have to have washable masks within 10 days and could we help and possibly make 200 masks. There are 456 airmen in her squadron. Well, we stood in line at Joann's Fabrics to get as much as we could (no elastic) and then improvised (shoelaces, etc.). By the end of the week, we had almost 100 masks finished and, thankfully, Christine advised that she didn't need anymore because so many locals had joined the effort.


Lt Col Ryan Skaggs, Commander of the 566th Intelligence Squadron, wrote in regards to receiving the masks, "They were exactly what we needed and we are truly grateful for the outpouring of support from your family."
Col Skaggs included a Commander's coin "as a token of our appreciation and offer a way to recognize you as part of our 'Blue Train' family." Receiving a Commander's coin is so special, and I am happy to be able to share it.

--Submitted by ACA Life Members Robby and Dee Roberson
Brandon, FL


ACA Life Member Mike “Doc” Gallagher came out of retirement to take a temporary position as Incident Commander at a new COVID-19 testing center in Pensacola.  Mike has 50 Army Guard and 10 nurses working under him in a drive through testing site that should be functioning by the first week of May.   He hopes to have the capacity to test at least 400 people a day.  Mike was a former Pararescueman (PJ) during the Vietnam era and later got commissioned as a Physician Assistant.  He retired as the 720th Special Tactics Group’s top medical officer.  After military retirement members in the local Ft.  Walton Beach area may remember him as he worked in the Eglin AFB Emergency Room (ER) for many years and in the ER at Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center.

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