2011 Recipients

The ACA would like to congratulate the following Air Commandos for being awarded the 2011 Commander's Leadership Award.

Capt Michael H. Baird 1st Special Operations Group
TSgt Christopher R. Bowser 24th Special Tactics Squadron
SSgt Robert W. Calhoun 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron
TSgt Clint T. Campbell 23 Special Tactics Squadron
1Lt Jared B. Davis 193d Special Operations Squadron
Capt Susan C. Frank 1st Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron
TSgt Jay D. Galea 33d Special Operations Squadron
Capt Phillip M. George 17 Air Support Operations Squadron
TSgt Gary L. Gessendorf 550th Special Operations Squadron
TSgt Jason P. Lemke 1st Special Operations Squadron
Capt Joseph D. McCane Data Masked
Capt Jeff D. McMaster 16th Special Operations Squadron
Capt Eli G. Mitchell 321st Special Tactics Squadron
Capt Cary D. Mittelmark 551st Special Operations Squadron
Capt Brent W. Murrell 919th Special Operations Squadron
Capt Justin W. Norton 1st Special Operations Squadron
TSgt Joshua M. Ort 11th Intelligence Squadron
TSgt Jared J. Pietras 321st Special Tactics Squadron
Capt Matthew M. Savage Data Masked
TSgt Howell M. Simpson 193d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
TSgt Jason Weiss Data Masked
Capt Benjamin G. Williams 56th Intelligence Squadron
A1C Fnu Winarto USAF Special Operations School

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