Lt Col Jerome “Jerry” W. Klingaman

Lt Col KlingamenWith heavy hearts we report Lt. Col. Jerome “Jerry” W. Klingaman departed on his final sortie during the evening of March 8, 2021. Our condolences, hearts, and prayers are with the Klingaman family. Memorial service plans will be announced at the end of March.

Jerry served on active duty for 22 years in the Air Force, flying T-33, F-84F, F-100D, C-47, AT-28, and O-1 aircraft. Joining the Air Commando ranks in 1965, Jerry directed missions in Laos as an Air Operations Center Commander and Royal Lao Air Force Advisor (Project 404 and the Ravens). After military retirement Jerry became a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Doctrine, Research, and Education and Professor of Regional Studies, Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL. He was highly regarded for his expertise, experience, and influence on irregular warfare and special operations strategy, doctrine, and employment.

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In 1993, Jerry joined Air Force Special Operations Command and helped establish the (now) 6th Special Operations Squadron. "Mr. K” served as the unit’s Director of Strategy and Plans for fifteen years, organizing, training, equipping, and deploying with combat aviation advisors. Beloved as the “Godfather of CAA,” Mr. K became a personal friend and mentor to everyone fortunate enough to spend time with him. Regardless of rank or position, time with Mr. K was precious family time. His Coyote Rules continue to inform the conduct of combat aviation advisory operations to this day. Jerry’s legacy lives on in past, present, and future generations of AFSOC’s CAA family.

Read Origins and Concept of Train-Advise-Assist by Lt Col Klingaman in Vol 5 Issue 1 of the Air Commando Journal.

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  1. I had the pleasure of knowing Jerry in his latter years, having been introduced to him by my brother-in-law, who were fellow Free Flight enthusiasts.
  2. I fist met Jerry when he was a student of philosophy at the University of Oklahoma. I then had the honor and distinct pleasure of working with him at CADRE. He was my mentor on all things doctrinal. Jerry was a remarkable person, at home in playing his cello, discussing continental philosophy or serving as a pilot in Laos and advisor in all things related to special operations. He was a warrior and scholar. He and Alice will be greatly missed. Stephen Sloan, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma
  3. What a great guy! Got to know and respect him during my time at the 6 SOS. Wonderful sit-down talks in his office: a real FID Warrior with tons of knowledge and experience. An honor to know him and learn from him. He is sorely missed!
  4. Met Col K in early 1984 as I became involved with the newly formed 6thSOS, preparing and working with them in transferring 16 HH3 Jolly Green Giants to the Tunisian AF..... he gave us all superb advice an guidance on working a diplomatic mission far from home. Certainly helped this Acquisition Desk Guy in many of the Air Commando ethos of getting it done.... and done right! LtCol Eric Greenblatt, USAF (Ret)
  5. I had the honor of knowing Jerry thru the Free Flight club that my brother-in-law was active with. Slow Hand Salute!

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