Memorial Day 2020 Remembrances

The ACA would like to give the following members one last slow final salute.

Each Memorial Day the ACA attends a ceremony here in the Florida Panhandle. We did not receive word about one this year due to the Covid-19 health crisis, but we still want to honor our members and their service to this country. May their families find peace and comfort during this Memorial Day as we take time to reflect on all that they have given to their country, to their fellow Air Commandos, and their families.

The following members names have been complied since the last Memorial Day which ACA participated in, it is not a complete list of all who have passed away, just the ones we know of since last May 2019. If you know of an Air Commando who has flown west please let us know by filling out this short contact form. Thank you!

William Allen
Larry P. Anduss
Ferde P. 'Rusty' Arbeit
Thomas J. Beck
Doug Blair
David Booher
Walter Boyne
Waldon Byers
Donald M. Carlyle
Terence Casteel
Michael L. Custance
J. Briggs Diuguid III
Dennis E. Enfinger
John A. Gallagher
Jim Galluzzi
James Habas

Arthur Halliday
James Humphrey
Ronald Kellerman
Henry A. Kelley
James Kowalik
Charles Kuczaj
Cliff Long
William H. McCollough
Richard Neel Sr.
Harry H. Osbun
John Partain
David A. Richard
Terry 'Ace' Shepherd
Asa Stackhouse III
Harold Stubbs

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