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Commando Jim Galluzzi desired to donate these photos to the ACA. Jim's wife, Irene has provided these for the ACA archives and museum as ACA deems their disposition. Jim Galluzzi went West on 17 September 2019.

-- George Matthews, ACA Lifemember #372

1970 era Fact Sheet from McDonnell Douglas

The Skyraider is one of the best known and versatile aircraft ever built. Produced in seven versions with over thirty five sub-versions, it has carried in excess of 12,000 pounds payload record for single engine piston aircraft.

Battle proven in Korea and Vietnam, the Skyraider has taken severe damage and yet returned again and again to fight in later engagements.

The A-1 (earlier designated as AD but called the SPAD by the men who operated it) was conceived as a carrier-based attack bomber for the US Navy. Later it operated as an all-weather attack bomber, electronic countermeasure, airborne early warning, anti-submarine search, and tactical support vehicle.

In 1964, the US Air Force adapted the Skyraider for operational use in Vietnam. Now used mainly for search and rescue and as helicopter escort, it still occasionally performs the duty that it was initially designed for: delivering a heavy payload in assorted packages to the enemy.

Most Skyraiders were produced with a single-place cockpit; however, some versions carry two or more crewmen.

Length: A-lE 40 ft., others 39.2 ft.

Height: A-lE 13.9 ft., others 12 ft.

Wing Span: 50 ft.

Engine: Wright R-3350-26W A

Weight: 25,000 lb. (loaded)

Speed: Depends on external loads

Armament: Bombs, rockets, missiles, and internal guns

First Flight: 18 March 1945

Number Produced: 3,180

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