ACA Postpones 2020 Annual Convention

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic especially with recent increases in cases, the Executive Committee convened and sent a recommendation to the Board of Directors (BoD) to postpone the October 2020 Annual Reunion/Convention/Symposium. The BoD unanimously approved the recommendation. It saddens us that in 2020 we were not able to celebrate AFSOC’s 30th Anniversary or pay tribute to those involved in Operation Eagle Claw (40th Anniversary) – Rescue Attempt of American Hostages in Iran or Operation Ivory Coast (50th Anniversary) – Rescue Attempt of POWs in the Son Tay Prison Camp in North Viet Nam. Chairman Brozenick relayed our decision to Lt Gen Slife (AFSOC/CC) and I called Jim McClam, President of the Son Tay Raiders Association, to let them know. Both understood and support our decision – we hope you do, too.

Postpone means our intent is to reengage if COVID-19 conditions allow, but most likely not before January 2021. We will process Hall of Fame nominations (due 31 July 2020), but an induction ceremony is still to be determined. Chairman Brozenick assured Lt Gen Slife that ACA will sponsor AFSOC level awards with appropriate ceremonies, when possible.

Elections will continue electronically with write-in votes as an option for those electronically challenged. We will conduct an Annual Business Meeting in accordance with our Constitution and By Laws however, voting at the meeting may not be an option this year.

Your ACA elected officials, advisors and staff will continue to work and keep you informed of any new developments. Hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Any Time – Any Place!

Fraternally yours,

Wayne G. Norrad, CMSgt, USAF, Ret.

President/CEO Air Commando Association

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