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  1. I recently had the honor of visiting the Air Commando association in Mary Esther, FL WOW Meeting Pat, Jeanette, and Melissa was a treat. I have been emailing them and talking with them off and on for a couple of years. It Was nice putting a face to their voices. The conference room with so many heroes on the walls was inspiring. Pat who manages the store has many great Air Commando things to purchase. I totally recommend visiting the ACA building and meeting the great staff who keeps this great association together. I also got a chance to visit the memorial park on Hurlburt Field. Another WOW what a great park. Plan on a couple of hours to walk around, to see the many great planes and honor walls. My personal high light of the trip was to see and touch the Combat Talon tail number 657 I crewed that plane as a loadmaster and got my first combat hours on that plane. I also had the honor of meeting Matt, inducted in 2000 to the ACA Hall of fame. Thank you very much to Pat, Jeanette, and Melissa for the wonderful experience at the ACA and MY brother Art for putting this experience together for me.

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