Air Park/Air Commando Heritage Event

 ACA members from the local Fort Walton Beach area gathered on a beautiful June morning to informally speak to groups of AFSOC aircrew students about their experiences flying on AFSOC platforms & what it means to be an Air Commando.

This was a squadron-level heritage event geared towards developing AFSOC aircrew students and the theme was Air Commando Heritage.  A big part of the 492 Special Operations Training Support Squadron’s mission is to manage, support, and develop AFSOC’s aircrew student population (~300 at any given time).

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The 492d started the morning off with an early PT run and paused at the Hurlburt Air Park.  At the Air Park, the young men and women walked around and viewed the different aircraft, read the plaques, and talked with the Air Commandos who flew on them.  ACA members volunteered around the Air Park ready to talk with the students (told war stories, answered questions, etc.).  The students then formed back up and ran back to the building.

A very heartfelt thank you to Scott Schaeffler of Scott Photo Works for once again doing a fantastic job of capturing the event for all of us to enjoy!

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