Dee Roberson Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dee Roberson

The Air Commando Association is pleased to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs Dee Roberson. Dee was instrumental in the formation of the ACA with then Col Harry C. "Heinie" Aderholt. Dee continued to be a valued asset to the ACA for decades to come. Congratulations Dee!

As Secretary for the 1st Air Commando Wing Commander Dee was the:

  • CC’s trusted advisor, knew the administrative and operational details…wielded significant influence helping a disparate Wing to continue functioning with detachments in SEA, Panama, and Iraq
  • CC’s confidant, early combat operations in SEA were shielded from public view, the 1 ACW was the only direct combat unit at that time, the Wing experienced significant losses…during this difficult time Dee earned a reputation for being the “troops best friend” in the Wing HQs
  • Dee directly assisted then Col Heinie Aderholt during formation of the ACA…personally helped establish a…
  • Board of Directors
  • Newsletter, bank account, membership cards, mailbox
  • Reunion agenda
  • And faithfully served ACA members and families in many capacities over the last 50 years

The distinctive accomplishments of Ms. Dee Roberson across five decades of service to Air Commandos and families reflect great credit upon herself and the Air Commando Association.

2 Responses

  1. I worked with Dee Roberson April 1966-February 1968. She was the Wing Commander's secretary (Col. Wm E. Bethea), I was his executive officer. Everything I know about Administration I learned from her. She knew everyone in every positing in the Wing. She knew how to get things done: rapidly and correctly. Her writing skills were flawless, and her diplomatic skills were over the top. She was organized in every aspect. She knew the operational mission and the rapidly expanding training mission. She was raising two little kids as a single mom. The only time I saw her even a little bit flustered was the day John Wayne walked into our office and gave her a big hug! She respected every person she dealt with and feared no one. Still a friend after 55 years, I'm delighted to hear of her award
  2. Richly deserved praise. No one person knows all the things she did to hold us together those early days. Some how over in Bangkok I heard that she was trying to put together some kind of an organization of Air Commandos, old and present. She was mailing out news of this. I knew that Air Commandos were the cheapest bunch I had ever known so I sent her $20 for postage. The Air Commandos are also the greatest bunch I have ever known and I am so proud to have been a part of it. God bless us all as Tiny Tim said or something like it. Kit

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