Farewell Message from ACJ Editor

Dear Members and Readers,

Almost 10 years ago, ACA set out on an endeavor that many did not think would succeed; we launched the inaugural edition of the Air Commando Journal. This edition is the 30th....a great milestone.

When we started, we had three primary players to give it a go. Rick Newton was our first true editor and of course we were fortunate enough to have (then) Jeanette Moore (now Elliott) on our office staff that was also qualified as a graphics designer and a very good one at that. We also had some great initial volunteer authors and a significant Air Commando who also happened to be serving as the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen Norty Schwartz, willing to take a chance on us and pen the first foreword.

The other of the three primary players was yours truly, who knew nothing to begin with about publishing a magazine. We did a lot of research; talked to a couple of publishers; had great top cover by the then president of the ACA, Maj Gen Secord, and we decided to go for it. We also had several volunteer “cold eyes” readers help us edit those first few editions, including my wife Pat.

I am very proud of the result. Along the way we have received a lot of accolades and even were asked to contribute our copies to the Library of Congress.

Since then we have had several others join our mostly volunteer team and Paul Harmon has become a mainstay. In fact, he along with Rick Newton, have truly become the “heavy lifters” for the last few editions. It is for that reason, that I feel comfortable handing over the reins as Editor-in-Chief to Paul. His team is already growing and I have no doubt he can carry the load and continue to produce a great product.

It has been a great run and I must also thank all the folks I coerced into telling their stories and many that offered theirs up with no arm twisting. Also, thanks to Shannon and Melissa for assisting with acquiring advertisers and also to all of ACA board members for the support given along the way. I am pleased to have been able to play a small part in this “questionable at the time” endeavor and am here to serve as a consultant if needed.

Any Time Any Place
Dennis Barnett
Former Editor-in-Chief
Air Commando Journal

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