Local 30th Anniversary of Operation JUST CAUSE

The Northwest Florida 30th Anniversary of Operation JUST CAUSE event took place on Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at the USAF Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, FL. It started at 1000 hrs and lasted approximately 45 minutes, and was very well attended. The ACA provided a membership table manned by Jim Connors, Mickey Wright, Chris Foltz, and Max Friedauer. Clay McCutchan was the moderator and gave an overview of Just Cause while Rich Comer briefed planning and training/practice for overall operation and then specific  Pave Low/Hawk helo ops. Mark Transue briefed same on Spectre gunship ops, Skinney Alaniz briefed Talon ops, and Wayne Norrad briefed STS ops. Museum volunteer Sam Pappas  briefed USAF security police ops.  All the speakers did an outstanding job. It was a great event and the ACA was proud to participate in another heritage program.

After the inside event most people went outside to the AC-130A Spectre Gunship "First Lady" that was opened up and manned by 919 vets for a tour and picnic. The 919th vets maintain the "First Lady" in excellent condition as volunteers and open it up monthly to the public. It would be nice if the Pave Low could be treated the same by 1 SOW vets though most of the insides was stripped out to keep other Paves flying at the time.

Overall, another successful example of ACA supporting Air Commando heritage.

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  1. Why is this the first time I heard of this event? I would have loved to attend.
    • Air Commando
      Hello Jeffrey, The ACA posted the information on 6 Dec on our Facebook page. Though, we realize not everyone follows ACA on Facebook, it was the quickest way to post the upcoming event. In hindsight, the event should have been posted on our Calendar of Events page too. We are always trying to improve our processes and the ways we keep in touch with our members.

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