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Over the last nine years, your Air Commando Association has matured into a truly service oriented organization. Our mantra used to be “Supporting Air Commandos Past, Present and Future”. We have recently made, what may seem to some, as a subtle change to that replacing “Supporting” with “Serving”. However, we feel that service is a more accurate description of what ACA has evolved to. Through your Foundation, we have served a wide array of Air Commandos at all levels with unmet needs. ACA has also served our active duty Air Commandos by sponsoring a host of AFSOC level awards throughout the year and at our annual convention. Through your Air Commando Journal we serve students of Air Commando history across a huge spectrum. Our long term strategy for future growth builds even more on the service theme. One way we want to improve service to our members is a newly designed and more up to date website.
This new and improved website is designed to better serve our members in a wide variety of ways. The biggest improvement is that it is going to allow not only true interaction between ACA leadership and our members, but also enables our members to interact amongst themselves in sharing information and ideas. It is a continuing work in progress and we welcome any and all critiques….it is truly yours to build into a great repository of the legacy that is Air Commando.

Serving Air Commandos Past, Present, and Future
Any Time—Any Place
Dennis Barnett
Chief Operating Officer

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