Proud to Also Be Part of the AFSOC Community

My entire flying career had been in the Strategic Air Command (SAC). I was very fortunate to be selected for the SR-71 Blackbird program and fly in the squadron for five years. Then while at Air Command & Staff College the SR-71 program was terminated and MPC decided to assign me to the space community! So after school I PCSed to HQ USAF at the Pentagon and to the AF TENCAP (Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities) office which was formed to leverage the billions of dollars spent on classified satellites and provide these National space systems capabilities to the warfighter as rapidly as possible. After four years at the Pentagon I was assigned to Hurlburt Field in 1994 to run the new HQ AFSOC TENCAP office to assure special operations aircrews and units received the technology and information from these National programs.

From the time the I arrived at HQ AFSOC and was presented an AFSOC numbered coin I have been proud to have served in AFSOC. While I never flew for AFSOC I look back at my four years at the Headquarters and then 16 years with Boeing with great pride in being a contributor and member of the AFSOC community. I am as proud of being a part of AFSOC as I am being part of the select group that got to fly the SR-71. I could not ask for a more exciting career and to be a member of two of the most exciting communities in the Air Force—special ops and recce.

Doug Soifer, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

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