SITREP ACJ Vol 8 Issue 2

Norm Brozenick

Norm Brozenick

ACA members, Happy 50th Anniversary! On behalf of your Board of Directors, it is my privilege to introduce our first situation report—the “ACA SITREP.” The intent of SITREPs published in this journal is to improve awareness of how our members, Chapters, Board of Advisors, Board of Directors, and Corporate Sponsors accomplish our mission of serving Air Commandos past, present, and future. Together!
We have a great team. Our nearly 3,700 members selflessly devote time, talent, and treasure to forward mission activities in the U.S. and overseas. Our member-elected Board of Directors honorably guides us toward mission success. The ACA’s newly created Board of Advisors, comprised of hand-selected civilian associate members, augments the Board of Directors with talent needed to accomplish the mission. ACA Chapters help take best care of Air Commandos and families at seven locations (with more to come). And our generous Corporate Partners provide us financial resources needed for daily operations and special events.
Written by an ACA Officer or Director, SITREPs will spotlight the people and activities accomplishing the mission along our lines of operation (LOOs) and lines of effort (LOEs). Our core mission activity occurs along four lines of operation. We educate all on the Air Force and joint special operations force missions. We advocate for elected officials, industry, and private entities to help resolve the unmet needs of Air Commandos and their families. We honor individual and team accomplishments of our Air Commandos. Through the Air Commando Foundation, we serve Air Commandos and their families by providing funds to help meet urgent needs. To set the conditions for mission success, we diligently work five lines of effort: relationships, programs and services, marketing, finances, and infrastructure.
This first SITREP will highlight people and activities advancing our lines of effort. In June, we welcomed Mr. Michael Moore to our Board of Advisors. Mike’s expertise building corporate relationships is helping us establish a new business development program. The Air Commando Store, chocked full of warrior swag, remains one of our most popular services. Pat Barnett filled orders for 410 Air Commando bush hats alone over the last 12 months. Yeah Pat! So far in 2019, ACA marketing efforts on-boarded or retained 44 Corporate Partners. Check out our new website, too. Great work by our staffers Melissa and Jeanette. Treasurer Jim Connors reports the state of our finances is “the strongest in years” and our “books are tight.” Thanks Rachel. A big shout-out to our Washington D.C. Chapter and Cannon’s Airman Leadership School for enabling our mission through fund-raising efforts. Special thanks to our 90 (and counting) members who joined the ANYTIME Flight and provide additional financial support. Your contributions are timely as our infrastructure improvements list includes roof repairs and necessary technology upgrades.
Future activities. I hope you enjoy our golden anniversary celebration October 24-27 at the ACA Symposium and Convention in Fort Walton Beach. Symposium attendees will enjoy the Heritage Seminar interaction between an iconic panel of special operators and current day Air Commandos reflecting on the last 50 years of special operations history. New ACA and Air Commando Foundation budgets will be rolled out at our business meeting. You will also witness the induction of five extraordinary Airmen into the Air Commando Hall of Fame during our annual awards banquet. After the convention, our Board of Directors will consider how the Air Commando Foundation can assist resiliency programs, review the ACA’s 501(c)19 exemption status, update our strategic concept, and prepare to onboard new Hall of Fame Committee members and a Director. And we’ll cheer and support the stand-up of an ACA Chapter at Duke Field, as well as the Chindit Chapter’s new forward element at Yokota AB, Japan.
Team, thanks in advance for your next 50 years of selfless service to our beloved Air Commandos and Air Commando families. May God bless and keep them and all of you. Know that whether in harm’s way, on home station, or at home, if you’re an Air Commando, the ACA team’s got your back!
Our President and CEO CMSgt (Ret) Wayne Norrad will address lines of operation in the next SITREP.

Norm sends.

Norm Brozenick
Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)
ACA Chairman of the Board

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