Alion Science and Technology Looking for a Military Analyst

Position: Military Analyst

Company Name: Alion Science and Technology

Company Web Site:

Location of Job Position: Ramstein AFB, Germany

Date Available: 2020-11-19

Security Clearance Required: Yes

Job Description:

Position will involve determining airlift capabilities and airworthiness of African Partner Nations (PNs) airlift to assist in developing a Movement Air Coordination Center – Africa (MACC-A) for African Partner Nations (PNs) and the US based on an ATSM concept that delivers cost-effective, safe, and reliable multinational airlift solutions throughout the USAFRICOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). The ATSM would match nations that have airlift capacity with nations with airlift requirements, thereby allowing PNs to transport military forces in response to steady state requirements and the aforementioned operations. Additionally, the ATSM would provide each PN an increased ability to position forces for exercises, training, and other regional or national security requirements.
Under the general direction of a Program Manager and/or Site Manager, and within the scope of work derived from a contract with a government customer, the Technical Lead performs multi-faceted assignments requiring the analysis and synthesis of complex systems and projects. Utilizes effective theory, concepts and principles in the design, development, and implementation of analytic models and systems. The Tech Lead executes requirements developed by the Site Manager in coordination with the customer and evaluates plans and reports for various projects or program activities to meet objectives while anticipating future requirements. The Technical lead conducts aircraft inspections and determines levels of airworthiness for a wide range of Aircraft used in Air movement operations.

Educational Requirements

- Prior military with 4-6 years of relative work experience and Associates degree.
- In some cases, 18 years of applicable work experience can adjust or waive educational requirements.
- Highly specialized knowledge or uniquely applicable experience for positions involving complex operations can also adjust work experience. .
- Experience in the AFRICOM/EUCOM AORs and knowledge of aircraft types used by Partner Nations in the AFRICOM AOR. Highly desirable.
- Experience as an aircraft maintenance manager or maintenance planner or have background in aircraft certification processes that directly supported airlift requirements. Highly desirable.

Job Responsibilities

- Apply extensive Technical background experience gained from involvement in aircraft maintenance and certification roles to establish aircraft airworthiness, availability and operations at tactical, operational, strategic and national levels to solve current and/or future mission needs and to correct problem areas.
- Participate in operational planning and coordination, analytical implementation teams, and working groups, required to accomplish requirements.
- Act as needed as Alion’s representative to United States (US) and Partner Nation Force (PNF) representatives.
- Report to the Site manager/ PM and provide timely and accurate information.
- Prepare, consolidate and disseminate reporting/deliverables to the site manager, communicate daily with the site manager; coordinate and schedule engagements.
- Operate in multinational, interagency, joint, and service unique environments.
- Establish and monitor standards for the quality of programs and documents. Assist in the resolution of project and program priorities. Assure quality control throughout all contract activities.
- Demonstrate superior writing and presentation skills to develop briefings, documents, papers, conceptual, and analytical reports for clients.
- Maintain and comply with security procedures in the performance of duties.
- Must be willing to conduct multiple trips to various African Countries throughout the contract period.
- Must be open to Living in Stuttgart Germany for the duration of the contracts.
- Must have a valid passport.
- Must hold current Secret Clearance.

Knowledge, Skill, Abilities:

- Ability to work in austere conditions, proven independent decision making skills, and experience working in the AFRICOM, and or EUCOM AORs highly desirable.
- Familiarity with aircraft airworthiness requirements and maintenance procedures for the US Military and African military aircraft is desired.
- Must demonstrate superior oral and written communications. Must be able to observe effectiveness and adjust communication methods and techniques based on audience and specific program requirements and/or restrictions.
- Acute knowledge of aircraft maintenance and airworthiness requirements with regards to cargo aircraft operations.
- Expert proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and refined verbal and written communications skills

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Job listings are sent to the ACA from the Special Operations community in hopes that qualified Air Commando applicants will consider applying for the positions. These openings are not within the ACA, they are from separate companies. Please contact the POC listed above or visit their website to apply for this job opening.

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