ACJ Vol 8/2 ACA 50th Anniversary

"Congratulations and thank you, ACA, for 50 years of stellar support to Air Commandos past, present, and future. What follows in the pages of this edition of the ACA journal will most certainly celebrate our past and simultaneously pave the path for Air Commandos to follow. For, while we stand on the shoulders of giants such as Phil Cochran, John Alison, Dick Cole, Heinie Aderholt, and on, and on...Air Commandos of tomorrow will marvel at, and take note of, the legendary exploits of TODAY’s Air Commandos. Because, Air Commandos, at our essence, are warrior patriots who continue to fundamentally shape our national security successes and further the blessings of liberty we hold so dear. "

-- About the Author: Lt Gen Marshall “Brad” Webb has commanded Air Commando units at all levels including Air Force Special Operations Command and is now serving as Commander, Air Education and Training Command

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