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ACJ Vol 10/2

Mark Hicks, Maj Gen, USAF (Retired)

As this edition of the Air Commando Journal goes to press the world is settling into a new era of great power competition between the United States and liberal democracies on one side, and the authoritarian states of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea on the other. This lineup has similarities to the Cold War, but is fundamentally different because of less direct military competition offset by more governmental and economic competition.

This issue of the Air Commando Journal provides some thoughtful ways to learn from our shared history, with articles ranging in time from the Viet Nam War to the present day, discussing individuals and weapon systems.

The diverse set of skills and capabilities across the AFSOC community is truly stunning and expanding almost every day. That diversity will ensure AFSOC remains relevant in a complex and uncertain future.
Once again, the Air Commando Journal delivers on its mission to inform all Air Commandos on operations, issues, and developments within our Air Force special operations community.

Mark Hicks, Maj Gen, USAF (Retired)
Former Commander, Special Operations Command Africa

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ACJ Vol 10/1

Norm Brozenick Maj Gen, USAF (Retired)

First reports of a disaster travel fast. Some are accurate, some are not. Emerging eyewitness accounts, data from surface, subsurface, airborne, and satellite sensors, intelligence updates, and media reports help inform emerging realities. Extensive loss of life, insufficient response capacity, and mounting uncertainty often compel foreign governments to request emergency assistance from the international community.

Air Commandos are leaders among our nation’s rapid responders for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief taskings at home and abroad.

Air Commandos of every capability are made available to save lives. Medical expertise may include deployment medicine, expeditionary readiness, health care, and disaster preparedness. Mission support prowess may be comprised of force protection, communications, contracting, engineering, personnel, and transportation elements. While maintainers prepare to sustain deployed aircraft in austere conditions, “loggies” draft plans to increase throughput at forward locations. Operations personnel, including command and control, special tactics, aviation advisors, surgical, intelligence, and aircrew tweak plans and recheck gear. Public affairs officers stand ready.

Dave Mobley, Col, USAF (Retired)

Click on the link to see how Air Commandos answered these and other questions during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Aceh Province, Indonesia; Bangkok and southern Thailand; Haiti; the Philippines; Afghanistan; and Beirut, Lebanon. We know you’ll be immensely proud of what Air Commandos accomplished and how they found a way to get it done.

With great admiration and respect for our Air Commandos…patriots, warriors, and rapid responders.


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ACJ Vol 9/3

James ‘Jim’ Slife, Lt General, USAF
AFSOC Commander

Reflecting on 2020, among the things of which I am most proud is the way AFSOC leaders at all echelons handled the turbulence of the year. Dealing with crises is, after all, what Air Commandos do. I found myself providing broad intent and watching commanders and senior enlisted leaders—from the wing to the flight—execute brilliantly. In this issue, Col Nate Scopac reflects on his own experience in crisis leadership during a year which also found him in combat command. *Yawn*…just another year in AFSOC.

This issue also features articles and a book review which illuminate various other strands of our shared history. For instance, we learn about Combat Controllers in early 1975, during the evacuation of Saigon. We also find an article describing an early Air Advising effort in China during the Second World War. Additionally, this issue contains a great rundown of the impressive 36 year history and significant contributions of the humanitarian arm of the Air Commando Association, the McCoskrie Threshold Foundation. Finally, the book review of COL (Ret) Joe Celeski’s chronicle of Air Commandos in Laos from 1964-1975 highlights a fascinating look at a shadowy chapter in our history, written by a retired Special Forces soldier, no less!

But of all the rich content contained in this issue of the ACJ, none is more important than the recognition of deserving Air Commandos past and present. The 2020 Air Commando Hall of Fame inductees represent a spectrum of leaders and operators whose fingerprints remain on those of us serving in 2021. Meanwhile, the individual and unit-level award winners among today’s Air Commandos remind us that no matter how turbulent the world becomes, Air Commandos will be ready to face it.

With sincere affection and respect,
James ‘Jim’ Slife, Lt General, USAF
AFSOC Commander


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