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2019 Heart of the Team Award


Senior Master Sergeant Surovick is an inspiration to the men and women with whom he serves despite great adversity and countless personal and family challenges.  Unceasingly, he excelled in his work, exceeding expectations of peers and leadership on a daily basis.  As superintendent for Air Force Special Operations Command’s largest MQ-9 squadron, Sergeant Surovick worked tirelessly to secure a fifty-five percent increase in much needed senior non-commissioned officer leaders for four squadrons enabling the wing’s sustained combat performance and his squadron’s contribution of fifty-seven percent of those hours.  While performing his duties and meeting the challenges at work with his consistently positive attitude, he endured intense treatments for his own medical conditions and stepped forward for his family to even greater challenges as they coped with the critical illness and ultimate loss of a parent. Sergeant Surovick’s unflagging professionalism and care for his fellow Airmen, the mission, and Air Force Special Operations Command, epitomize the individual who is the Heart of the Team!