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Two Programs • One Focus • Air Commandos

Air Commando Association

Our membership based program is a 501(c)(19) nonprofit veterans organization whose core mission is preserving our great heritage of Air Commandos’ achievements past, present, and future and to honor the tremendous contributions made to protect the values held dear by all Americans. We publish a professional journal, conduct annual events, spearhead AFSOC award recognition, and provide scholarships.

Air Commando Foundation

Every dollar you give, gives back.
The Air Commando Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide critically needed support and financial assistance to Air Commandos and their families in time of unmet needs. Every loss, tragedy and injury is different and so are the needs, both immediate and long term – our goal is to fill the gap between what is needed and what is provided.

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    AIR COMMANDO HALL OF FAME ► Air Commandos have been deeply involved in overt and covert operations around the globe from World War II (Europe, Pacific, China, Burma, and India), Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, the Balkans, Kosovo, Africa, Panama, Colombia, the Philippines, Iraq, READ MORE…

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    Awards • Recognition • Accomplishments

    Commander’s Leadership Awards

    AFSOC Squadron of the Year Award

    CMSgt Roland ‘Hap’ Lutz Air Commando Medic of the Year

    SrA Julian S. Scholten ISR Operator of the Year

    DAGRE of the Year

    2021 Special Tactics Officer of the Year

    Special Tactics Operator (Enlisted) of the Year

    John Levitow Award

    Heart of the Team Award


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