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PO Box 7, Mary Esther, FL 32569  •  850.581.0099  •

Ensure ACA Mission Success

Anytime Flight donations by current ACA annual or life members go toward ensuring the preservation of the Air Commando Association and it’s mission to continue well into the future.

Much has changed since the Air Commando Association was established. The original fraternal organization started over 50 years ago, and much was accomplished, including the construction of the ACA headquarters building! Since those early days a lot has changed. We’ve grown to almost 4,000 members and we’ve achieved an incredible number of milestones through your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Because of your generosity, our operations now include annual reunions/seminars, an Air Commando Journal, college scholarships, maintaining a headquarters facility, staffing mission needs with just two fulltime and one part- time employee, providing Commander Leadership Awards, AFSOC Awards, a Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and meeting the unmet needs of Air Commandos and families through our benevolent arm, the Air Commando Foundation.

To date we’ve relied on traditional membership dues and corporate partner sponsorships to fund staffing, facilities, and operational costs. We’ve now identified and validated several additional requirements. The headquarters building roof needs repairs, the HVAC (heating and cooling) system needs to be replaced, decade-old computers and printers need upgrading, and the list goes on. Bottom line, the cost of doing business has grown to almost $250K a year.

Anytime Flight Members

A heartfelt thank you to our members for their generosity and commitment to the Air Commando Association. We are proud to highlight the following Air Commandos are members of the ACA ANYTIME FLIGHT!

Anne (Mrs. Harry C.”Heinie”) Aderholt
Kenneth Alnwick
The Alsid Family
Jody Amerson
Augie Archer
Joe Arthur
A. Dwight & Nancy Davis
Susan Ault-Davis
Dennis & Pat Barnett
Juan Bazan
Greg Bentley
Rick & Linda Bethea
Norman A Bild
Tim Bischoff
The Blom Family
Hobart Ray Bower
George Boyce
Thomas Bradley
Bob Brenci
James Brickell
Harry Bright Life Member #4040
Bud Britain
Craig Brotchie
Charles Brown, Zorro 16
Norm Brozenick Jr.
Heather Bueter
Kenneth Burton
Mike Burton & Donna Young
Herbert “Mac” Busby
Maile McCoskrie Busby
Michael Byers
Rory Cahoon
Rick Carroll
Brenda Cartier
The Castlen Family
Bobby Clark
Stephen Clark
Dave & Floreen Clark
Travis Clovis
Steve Connelly
Jim Connors
Philip Conran
J R Cooper
Rory Crews
Gary E. Crowther
Rick Crutchfield
Erik & Mary Davis
Pete & Mary Dawson
Stephen Deranian
Craig Dock
Mike Dugan
John Easley
Kenneth N. Engleson III
Young E Fitzpatrick & Sons
Christopher Foltz
Ted and Shara Fordyce
Max Friedauer
Ann Garcia-Lucas
John Gargus
Mr & Mrs Arthur Gordon, Jr
Tom Green
Al Greenup
In Memory of James Galluzzi
The Hale Family
Lifemember Richard & Christine Hallion
Dave & Rachel Halvorson
Paul & Ede Harmon
Chris Harriman
Paul Hastert
Rich Heagwood
Gary (GUNZ) Heinz
Dan & Melissa Henkel
Steve Herberth (Waterpump/Project 404)
Lee & Ginny Hess-In memory of Col Jim Kyle
William J. Houston
Eddie M. Howard
James Humphrey
Jimmy & Jacque Ifland
Lindsey & James Isbell
Richard Ivey
Randal ‘Jake’ Jacobson
Martin Jester
Stan Jones, 605th ACS & 5th SOS
PJ Kendall & Family
The Kersh Family
Michael Kingsley
Kisner Family
Jack Krause
The Krebs Family
Chris Lauderdale 7th SOS
Phil & Stephanie Lawlor
Micah & Eddie Lombera
Col Dick MacLeod, USAF (Ret)
Brian A. Maher
O.G. Mannon
Andrew & Monica Maresh
Will and Charity Markham
Tom Markland
Harry H Marklin
Andrew “AM” Martin
Rodney Martin
Dann & Jean Mattiza
Chainsaw & Ranee McCollum
James McConnell
John McCoskrie
Clay McCutchan
Carl McPherson
Bob & Barrie Meller
Ted & Carol Mervosh in
memory of Rod Toth
William V. Miller
David Mobley
Kenneth Moerscher
Charles Mohrmann
Larry Moore
R. Wayne Moorhead
Janice Morrow
The Mueller AFSOC Family
Larry & Lida Munz
Sue and Randy Nelson
Tom Nelson
Rick & Kathy Newton
Wayne G. Norrad
Jay & Ellen Norton, Life Member #168
Travis Norton
Randy O’Boyle
Albert Olsen Jr.
Frank Orr Jr.
Bill & Kathy Phillips
Ken & Sarah Poole
Chris Provost
Mike and Ann Reynolds
Destry Rogers
Bill Rone
Gene and Linda Ronsick
The Ross Family
Larry D. Rutledge
Felix Sambogna
Janice Sanborn
Scott & Kathi Schafer
Suzie & Norty Schwartz
Richard Secord
In loving memory of James ‘Shaff’ Shaffer
Dennie & Cathy Sides
Terry & Janet Silvester
Jim Slife
Charles “Snuffy” Smith
John ‘Smitty’ & Charlye Smith
Josiah ‘Josey’ Solberg
Cat & Jack Spitler
Dennis & Cathy Stanley
Michael Steinbeck
Mike Stoico
Wild Bill & Stormy
John Taylor
Russ Tharp
Chris Tidwell
Hollis Tompkins
Tom & Karin Trask
Dan & Barbara Turney
Gregory Van Hyning
Gregory L. Van Rossum
David & Janice Weakley
Jim Westfall 130th ACS WVANG AF 29372
Manuel Wilson Jr & Family
Steve & Susan Whitson
Willie Wood
Donny & Ronda Wurster
Tony Youngblood
In Memory of Ratchet 33
In Memory of Jockey 14, Wrath 11, Spirit 03 & Eagle Claw
In Honor of Wrath 11
*Some members chose to remain anonymous.

Start Today

Are you a current member of the ACA and interested in joining the ANYTIME FLIGHT? Click here to donate.

Progress Report

From a new roof to an all new heating and cooling system for the building. Anytime Flight members continue to give.