As an ACA member, you are part of an organization that is dedicated to the USAF Special Operations community by providing support to air commandos, past, present, and future. Click the link below to read an interview with past ACA President Col (Ret) Dennis Barnett who explains the benefits of joining/supporting the ACA.


ACA members who have an email on file with us can:
• Read the Members Only Blog
• View the Members Only Photo Gallery
• Search the Member Directory
• Read Air Commando Adventures

If you are a current ACA member and are willing to step up to a new membership level - the ANYTIME FLIGHT - then keep reading! We need your help to ensure the legacy of the Air Commando Association continues long into the future. Click here for more information.
Benefits of membership include:
  • Membership in one of the world’s most elite veterans organizations.
  • The Air Commando Journal publication is free to all current members.
  • E-newsletter includes current news, history, obits, book reviews, personal commando stories, base happenings.
  • Scholarships for children/grandchildren of members – awarded annually.
  • Access to Commando Store where commando items are available – caps, shirts, jackets, coins, patches, etc.
  • Annual convention and other social events.
  • Community involvement during all local patriotic events.
  • Opportunity to participate in activities and events that benefit the Air Commando Foundation.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to provide support to today's Air Commandos and their families. Join Now!
ACAI Am A Commando

As my brothers and sisters before me, I am proud to step into history as a member of the Air Force Special Operations Command. I will walk with pride with my head held high, my heart and attitude will show my allegiance to God, country and comrades. When unable to walk another step, I will walk another mile. With freedom my goal, I will step into destiny with pride and the Air Force Special Operations Command.

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If you know it

Are you willing to step up to a new membership level – the ANYTIME FLIGHT?

ACA gets a new roof

Thanks to the recent support of so many generous Air Commandos, the ACA was able to replace the old roof!

Much has changed since the Air Commando Association was established. The original fraternal organization started over 50 years ago, and much was accomplished, including the construction of the ACA headquarters building! Since those early days a lot has changed. We’ve grown to almost 4,000 members and we’ve achieved an incredible number of milestones through your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Because of your generosity, our operations now include annual reunions/seminars, an Air Commando Journal, college scholarships, maintaining a headquarters facility, staffing mission needs with just two fulltime and one part- time employee, providing Commander Leadership Awards, AFSOC Awards, a Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and meeting the unmet needs of Air Commandos and families through our benevolent arm, the Air Commando Foundation.

To date we’ve relied on traditional membership dues and corporate partner sponsorships to fund staffing, facilities, and operational costs. We’ve now identified and validated several additional requirements. The headquarters building roof needs repairs, the HVAC (heating and cooling) system needs to be replaced, decade-old computers and printers need upgrading, and the list goes on. Bottom line, the cost of doing business has grown to almost $250K a year.

Our Finance Committee did some analysis and numbers crunching. They estimate that ACA will need an additional $40K a year over the next three years. How will we get there?

“ANYTIME FLIGHT” is a teaming opportunity to raise funds for mission needs. The goal is for members to pledge $600 over a 3-year period. You can submit your contribution by monthly payments ($20 a month), three annual installments of $200, or $600 lump sum -- cash, check or credit card. When members make a pledge to contribute $600 and make their first installment, we’ll add their name to the “ANYTIME FLIGHT” roster. We’ll recognize contributors via our website and in the Air Commando Journal.

Please click here to join the “ANYTIME FLIGHT” team and get us off to a “flying” start! Thank you.

Anytime – Anyplace – Anywhere!

Wayne G. Norrad, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)