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ACA Membership

Offering annual or lifetime memberships

Why Should You Join?

Membership in the Air Commando Association is the lifeblood of our organization. Your membership dues help us continue our mission of supporting Special Operators. Membership is open to all those who served special operations and associate membership is available for family members, non-military serving, and community members

Renew Your Annual Membership or Convert to a Lifetime Membership

In order for ACA to continue supporting our Air Commandos, we need to expand our membership and continue our growth in order to meet the increasing requirements of doing business and supporting Special Operators. Renew or convert to a lifetime membership; as a team, we will be here when the needs arise. We need Air Commandos who want to “pay it back or pay it forward.”

ANYTIME FLIGHT MEMBERSHIP  ►  is a teaming opportunity to raise funds for mission needs. The goal is for existing ACA members to pledge $600 over a 3-year period. You can submit your contribution by monthly payments ($20 a month), three annual installments of $200, or $600 lump sum — cash, check or credit card. When members make a pledge to contribute $600 and make their first installment, we’ll add their name to the “ANYTIME FLIGHT” roster. We’ll recognize contributors via our website and in the Air Commando Journal. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

Benefits of Membership

Member Only Pages

Current ACA members who have an email on file with us can:
• Update their information in ACA database
• Enjoy the members only blog and photo gallery
• Search the member directory for other members
• Read Air Commando adventures

As a Member You:

• Enjoy membership in one of the world’s most elite veterans organizations.
• Receive the ACJ, plus stay up-to-date with the ACA E-newsletters.
• Scholarships for children/grandchildren of members.
• Be invited to the annual convention and other social events.
• Volunteer opportunities in activities and events with local AFSOC active duty Air Commandos.

Free Subscription to the Air Commando Journal

Every member of the ACA receives a free subscription to the Air Commando Journal (ACJ). Published every four months, the ACJ is written by Air Commandos for Air Commandos.


Looking for more information? Click here to read more about membership in the ACA.

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