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Past Issues of the Air Commando Journal

All issues of the Air Commando Journal are available online in PDF format. If you are looking for individual articles or need to site or reference an article please click here.

Order Back Issues of the ACJ

A single copy is $4.95. More than one copy (max 5 copies) is $10.00
Please note, we cannot guarantee all issues are available for purchase. If we cannot fulfill your order we will contact you and you may choose a different issue as a substitute.



Printed copies of past issues are available for order, unless otherwise noted. We will gladly send you a printed copy of any past issue we have available. Suggested donation per copy is $4.95 to cover postage and handling. Please scroll down to see order form.

Attention: The following issues are no longer available in hard copy. They are only available in PDF format:
Vol 1/1 Inaugural Issue
Vol 1/2 Battlefield Airmen
Vol 4/1 SEA
Vol 6/2 Allied Force
Vol 7/1 Mayaguez

ACJ Spotlight

We are pleased to put the spotlight on articles in the Air Commando Journal that we believe deserve an extra shoutout.