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Jacquie & Bob Cross

A Daughter’s Devotion to Her Father

Air Commando Association & Foundation,

In December of 2018 my father Bob fell in his home and severely injured his cervical spine. After extensive surgery he was admitted to a rehab facility in Atlanta for physical therapy and healing. Over the course of 11 months my dad was transferred to three different facilities for post surgical complications, infections, and additional surgical procedures in an effort to get him up and walking again. I spent as much time with him as I could at each facility, living in hotels as my belly grew bigger in pregnancy. My wonderful husband remained home to take care of our two year old son and work on our small farm. The following November I was beyond excited when the doctors said I could bring my father home to Mossy Head for Christmas.

The traveling and hotel expenses had drained our small savings account but I was determined to make things work. I sent a message out on Facebook to my father’s Air Force and contractor co-workers asking for help with his house. With dad in a wheel chair several modifications were needed before I could bring him home; ramps, wider doors, reinforced floors and a bigger bathroom. Most of his bud dies were on board to help with the labor but I could not come close to paying for the materials. When a member of the Air Commando Association and long-time friend of my father sent me a note saying she may be able to get me so me financial help I was overjoyed!

The Air Commando Association and Foundation sent me a check for $7,800.00 to cover the cost for all of the materials! My dads maintenance friends from Hurlburt Field and L3 SOFSA did all of the work and I finally brought my father home! My father passed away 7 months later and we miss him dearly but he spent his last months at home with us and his two grandbabies. I can’t thank the ACA enough for making it possible for me and my dad to sit on his porch in Mossy Head listening to the frogs sing and kids play for just a little while longer.


Jacquie & Bob Cross (Aug 1957 – Sept 2020)