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Jaci & Andrew Bostwick & Family

Bostwick Family Faces Huge Challenges

Air Commando Association & Foundation,

This past year has been the most difficult for our family. My husband, the selfless father and provider of our family, was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes. Shortly after his surgery he began an intense regiment of chemotherapy. Our family’s summer consisted of babysitters, long drives to receive treatment and many runs to the local grocery store in order to have food that he could eat.

A month after my husband ‘s cancer went into remission we were given the worst news of our lives, our son Gabriel was also diagnosed with cancer. To say we were shocked is an understatement and I cannot begin to describe the grief, sorrow and fear we faced. We chose to have Gabriel treated at the University of Alabama despite the fact that we would have to travel, live out of hotels and hospitals and be separated as a family for many months at time. We ate way too much fast food, and spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays in hotels so we could be together as a family. While Gabriel was fighting for his life and lost a leg we tried desperately to provide a sense of normalcy for our two other children, the last thing on our mind was finances. That is when the Air Commando Association stepped in to help. We sat down with them, shared our story and current financial struggles and they listened with kind hearts. We were humbled when the foundation cleared our credit card debt as well as paid for repairs to our vehicles including our 2011 minivan which was essential with our son in a wheelchair. The ACA also connected us with Eglin Federal Credit Union and Building Homes For Heroes to help renovate our home with a handicap bedroom and bathroom for Gabriel. Today Gabriel is in school and in 6th grade! He is also learning to walk with a new prosthetic leg! Gabriel is still undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer that has moved into his lungs but his spirits are high. My husband continues to be the primary parent who travels with our son to and from UAB. All of this while keeping up with his job and caring for the rest of us. The last two years have brought so many unexpected challenges and we are so thankful for the Air Commando Association and Foundation for helping us navigate through them.


Jaci & Andrew Bostwick & Family