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Our goal is to educate Air Commandos (and all other interested parties) past, present and future on the heritage, history, weapons systems, key units, current operations and overall contributions of Air Commandos towards the preservation of all the values that make this the greatest nation in history.
For over seventy years Air Commandos have led the way in American conflicts to protect and preserve the values that all Americans hold so dear. Literally from World War II till tonight, when deployed AFSOC forces will engage in the latest conflicts, Air Commandos have found unique ways to accomplish tasks that no other forces are equipped for or have the mindset to complete. Almost every effort that the National Command Authorities pass down to Air Force Special Operators is literally “No Fail”… ethos that was developed by the earliest Air Commandos and has been passed on through the generations as a heritage that must be preserved.
Yet, in spite of a history replete with amazing accomplishments, there was not a journal or magazine dedicated solely to Air Force Special Operations until recently. It is an idea whose time had come and the Air Commando Association has developed a professional journal that covers the gamut of Air Force Special Operators, their equipment, units, and most importantly, the people who through the years have made it happen. Each issue explores the past through the present with articles written by heroes, scholars, commanders and today’s Air Commandos.



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